Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chole Monte

I've started a lot of social media accounts in my lifetime ( instagram, facebook, youtube etc.) and have used my own little system for coming up with the perfect blog name in just a few steps.

Deciding on a blog name is probably one of the most important steps to create a new blog. You want it to be catchy, easy to remember and spell and also relate you to somehow. I've seen tons of websites and blogs with the same name which is never a good thing.

"The more unique your name, the wiser it is to guard it for professional use only"

So, I hunt through google of ideas about screen names. And I ended up using my nickname which is "Chole" pronounced as ( Kohwl) but my friends and other people pronounced it as ( Chol ) or ( Cho-lee ) LOL. But anyways, let's now talk about my screen names' surname. My real name isn't that catchy, yes it's easy to remember but not as easy as an apple to spell. So, I decided to use my Middle name which is Montecalvo but I cut it short and only use the word "Monte".

It's not necessary to have a screen name. Remember that it's your choice. You can always use your real name.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this. Hope to see you again on my next blog 💋

Ps. Photos are taken last July 2014

Saturday, February 11, 2017

How to win a girls heart this Valentines

Valentines day is at hand. Though I don't get excited nor feel special about this day but I'm going to share 7 ideas on How to win a girls heart this Valentines.

Here we go..

1. Have a plan. You have to know where are you going and of course must check the place.

2. DIY gifts/surprises. Instead of buying gift, you can make it by yourself. Google for DIY Valentines gift ideas. There's a lot and easy ideas that you can use. Swear, it's more special. 

3. Be prepared to pay for stuff. Of course if you ask her out on a date, don't be a "cheap-Charlie" or ask the girl to pay. Come on!

4. Get busy in then kitchen. If you can't afford to go out on a date, you can prepare her favorite food. 

5. Watch movies. It's probably a better idea  to just lay down on the couch with your pj's on and cuddle until you versace on the floor. Haha nope! Just kidding.

6. Make use of your ride. Take her to less congested areas and far away from crowds, so you can probably spend the time & get to know each other better. Take a cab there if you have to.

7. Take her to the right places. Avoid taking her to clubs & bars. It's not the time and place to go on such a day. You want quality "you-and-I" time. ♡ 

Remember that it's not necessary to have a date this Valentines. (if you're single) Your Family is enough.  Instead, pray for your health and safety.

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